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Trivial Fact #66:

Mark, Mike and Mike all met in college while studying graphic design. The studio name was developed by combining the names of two college-radio favorites, and how the repetition of the lower-case "g" looked aesthetically.






Meet Iggybragg

Mark Phillips, President

Mark's background is in pharmaceutical & corporate design, with a BFA in Graphic Design. Over the years, Mark has been involved in organizing and creating marketing materials for corporate clients, producing visual presentations, printed meeting kits, brochures, signage and corporate identity. Mr. Phillips is also the Executive Director of EASEL Animal Rescue League.

Michael Kabbash, Design Partner

Michael has financial and corporate design experience, as well as an extensive educational background. Michael earned his MFA in Communication Design and is currently an Assistant Professor of Design at Bucks County Community College. He has also been on the faculty of The College of New Jersey and an Instructor at New Jersey City University.

Michael DiFiori, Design Consultant

Co-founder of Iggybragg Design, Michael comes from a strong financial & corporate design background. Currently working as the Art Director for Bucks County College, Mr. DiFiori continues to work with us as a design/production consultant.